Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crafty Stuff

I always see Pinterest used as inspiration, but I use mine as a glorified to-do list. I used to keep a bunch of patterns and recipes bookmarked in my browser, but Pinterest is SO MUCH EASIER. And I actually get stuff done because I can see what it is. It's also super helpful with my menu planning.

And since there's not much going on around here, I figured I'd share some of the things I have in progress.

I don't know if I ever posted about knitting here, but shortly after Christmas I started knitting. I posted a few pictures on Instagram.

The scarf and hats are patterns from the book, although the scarf (the first thing I made) looks nothing like it's supposed to when laid flat. Luckily, it works when all wrapped up around my neck. The first hat got a little messed up (I was supposed to alternate purling and knitting and accidentally did two in a row for a while) but the second and third hats turned out really nice.

I'm currently working on this hat:

I'm doing a baby hat because I had some orange yarn left over, but not enough for a toddler or adult hat. I don't know anybody who's pregnant. Correction: I don't know anybody not via blogging that is pregnant. I'm thinking about holding a giveaway for it. Just something simple, I just want it to go to good use!

ETA: Last night, while this post was still in drafts, I had to undo all my work on the freaking hat. Not happy with myself, but I will try again!

Easter is next weekend and I think we actually have it figured out without any issues this year. Getting fourteen people together when half of them also have other family to see is not easy! Quinn and I are going to be making deviled eggs and chocolate cake. Jarrod chose the cake, which shouldn't be surprising. We're going to fancy up the eggs though and make them dragon eggs.

The weekend after Easter I'm in charge of bringing breakfast for Sunday school and I don't know if I want to try something knew (the kouign amann) or something I'm used to (the muffins). Or maybe I'll do half of each recipe. Raspberries are more expensive though, so it might wind up being blackberry.

I'm sure any way I go it'll be yummy.

I've had a tub full of Quinn's outgrown clothes for who knows how long now. I'm planning on making a memory quilt with them and I just need to start it. I really wanted to be able to get a rotary cutter and self-healing mat before starting, but I think I'm just gonna have to use scissors and be careful.

I feel super crafty after posting about all of that. Hopefully there will be progress to post about soon!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Last Ten Pictures

The absolutely wonderful Kay at The Best of Intentions posted a great blog about 36 of the best blog post ideas EVER. Truth be told, I only read the first one, but I decided to do it! And I pinned the list so I can do the other ones soon.
That first prompt was "Without deleting anything, post the last 10 pictures on your photo roll on your phone. Feel free to explain OR keep us guessing." I didn't delete anything, but I did skip over a couple. Mostly they were either bad (aka taken by Quinn) or very similar to ones I am posting.

1. While at my (step)sister's house my niece really wanted to puzzles, so we did. I was having SO MUCH trouble with this one, it is 100 pieces afterall, that I had to take a picture of it when I was done.

2. Also while at their house, I almost made a mess with coffee again. I always think there's more room in the cup than there is.

3. This is one of the few times Quinn wasn't up and dancing during Frozen, but actually enamored with the story. Or the snowman.

 4. We went over to Jarrod's mom's to do laundry and it was so nice outside that we decided to play.

5. Quinn got her Easter presents early.

shirt: c/o FabKids, pants: H&M, shoes: Converse, helmet & scooter: Disney
6. Modelling for me again, I'm still in love with this tutu from FabKids.

shirt: H&M, skirt: c/o FabKids, leggings: hand-me-down, shoes: consignment sale
 7. Fast moving kids + far away + camera on my phone = not the best pictures

8. If you follow me on Instagram (feel free to request if you read my blog, either leave your username here or Tweet me because if I don't recognize you I won't approve it) then you've already seen this, but it's an amazing cup. I won it in a giveaway that Abbey held a little bit ago. I was just expecting a book, but I got this, a shower caddy, an earphone wire wrangler, a sleeping mask, and a loofah along with the book. Pretty sweet.

9. Another I posted on Instagram, although this is the picture version of the video. She cheers for EVERY single cast member of SNL.

10. And an I'm-bored-in-the-drive-thru-but-isn't-my-hair-cute selfie. I love this hairstyle, but I don't think I'll ever do it, so this is my less committed version.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Kaelah has a Things I Love Thursday post every single week and it's amazing. I figured it'd be the perfect way to post today because it's gonna be another random one.

dress and leggings: c/o Fab Kids, socks: who knows, Converse: consignment sale, Rancor: Jarrod's
I adore this outfit that Quinn got from Fab Kids this month. It's called the Malibu Princess Outfit which is perfect because Quinn insisted on wearing it to be a "pincess". Then she insisted on Roar (the Rancor) being part of our pictures. She insists on things often. I give in often. I do want to make sure I mention that she picked out the shoes and socks. I was very glad they matched! Fab Kids does have a new commercial out. While the first kid could probably learn the meaning of the word "tact" it does seem like a very realistic response.

I'm also really loving knitting. I'm making Quinn a neon orange hat at the moment, but I've been pinning a LOT from Love Knitting, especially their Amigurumi board.

I started rewatching Veronica Mars from season one because I couldn't remember much and I really want to see the movie. I'm loving it SO MUCH. I don't think I appreciated it enough the first time around. Something that I have known and will always know? Logan + Veronica FOREVER. Their ship name is LoVe. How can you beat that? Sorry Piz.

I really want a (faux) leather jacket. I'm not quite sure why, but does it really need a reason?

Can you believe that HIMYM is ending?!? I don't want it to, but I do love where it's gone. This scene between Robin and Barney was THE BEST. Or maybe it was legen-, wait for it, -dary. Legendary.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of that joke.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Over two weeks since I last posted? I think there's a reason why I'm not a monetized and super big blog. Whatevs. Here's a tiny catch up.

Sunday night we went out to dinner with my best friend and her boyfriend since it was her 25th birthday. Happy birthday Darci! There aren't any pictures because I'd rather not creep out her boyfriend with all things blogging. Not yet anyway, maybe once they're engaged or something.

Quinn finally got to go back to tumbling this week. We missed one week because we were all sick, left early another week because she wasn't behaving, and there wasn't any last week because of spring break. She was incredibly excited. But not quite as excited as she was when we got her Frozen. She wouldn't even sit still for a decent picture. This morning she pointed at Anna and said "It's mommy!" then pointed at Elsa and said "It's Quinn!". At least she didn't make me Olaf!

Then she asked me to take this picture. I don't even know.

We were also able to go to the park twice since it's started getting nicer. Quinn decided she was big enough to go down the slide head first. I love taking Quinn to the park EXCEPT for the 9 and 10 year olds who think they're so  cool climbing up the slide while toddlers are trying to go down them. Really, any parent that lets their kid climb up the slide is just obnoxious to me. Unless you're the only ones at the park, that's not cool.

My mom works in the fire department and they got some WSU themed shirts, so she bought each of her grandkids one. Even though they're not in the tournament anymore, I'm so proud of how well they did this season!

I got another Influenster box and this time it's hair milk. The hair milk is for curly/frizzy/kinky hair which definitely describes my hair! I was a little worried that it wouldn't be as helpful since I cut most of my hair off, but my hair did feel a lot softer even after the first use. Hopefully it'll continue to improve, I know my hair needs it.

The coolest thing, I think, is that the owner of the company named it after both herself and her mom. She named the product "Carol's Daughter". I just think that's sweet! You can find Carol's Daughter hair milk and other awesome, sulfate and paraben free products at Target!

Monday, March 10, 2014


I only knew that March 4th was National Pancake Day because I received an e-mail from IHOP about their free pancakes with a donation, but I had no plans to actually celebrate. That is, until Quinn couldn't agree with me on ANYTHING for lunch. No cheese sandwich, no hot dog, no noodles, no fruit cup, nothing. Then I asked "What about pancakes?" and I swear her eyes lit up.

I bought a condiment dispenser not too long ago for the sole purpose of making different shaped pancakes. And smiley face pancakes. It makes eating something delicious just that much more fun.

Quinn doesn't follow directions for pictures very well. I doubt modelling is in her future, but I am a-okay with that.

I also had some frozen blackberries and blueberries that didn't have any plans so a threw a few of them in too. Made the pancakes a teensy bit healthy, right? Oh, and bacon. You can't forget the bacon.

Seriously, who doesn't love a smiley pancake? And it's on Quinn's new Phinneas and Ferb plate which she "lubbs".

I really enjoyed making pancakes with Quinn. It's little things like that in the middle of the day that help me during the tougher times of being a stay-at-home-mom.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Quinn is the FABBEST Kid

disclaimer: I was sent an outfit to review, but all opinions are my own

Quinn loves clothes. She loves getting dressed, usually because it means we're going "bye bye". Let's face it, sometimes it's just easier to hang out in pajamas all day especially if we're just staying at home. She also loves dressing up. She recently got a few princess outfits from her cousin and LOVES being a princess and twirling. Oh my goodness, the twirling. That is why I didn't think twice when Fab Kids e-mailed me.

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of Fab Kids, but it's Just Fab's newest fashion club and was started by a team of parents including Christina Applegate (if you haven't seen Samantha Who, you need to). It's a monthly club, so it's super easy to shop. Perfect if you're a busy parent or prefer shopping online! Each outfit comes with two pieces for $29.95. That's a little more than I'd usually spend on clothes for Quinn since she grows out of them so quickly, but Fab Kids clothes are unique and adorable. More of a special occasion outfit, I think, so it's worth it.

She was really excited when I told her I had a surprise for her. So excited that I couldn't get her to close her eyes for the longest time, but I wanted a picture dang it!

She got so happy when she opened her eyes and saw the skirt. I was able to snap this picture, then she was up and taking off her pajamas.

And the twirling began, of course.

Currently, Fab Kids offers clothes in sizes 2-12. I ordered Quinn the Animal Star outfit in a three (for reference she's 3' and about 28 lbs) and it fits perfectly, except that the shirt was a little hard to get over her head. Maybe she's just got a big noggin.

I asked Quinn if she'd like to take one last picture before I finally let her free and she stuck her tongue out at me. At least she humors me for now.

If you'd like to help me get future outfit credits for Quinn, leave your e-mail and I'll invite you to join Fab Kids. Or you can go straight to their site and join!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I'm Cleaning Out My Closet (Literally)

I came across Karissa's blog not long ago and saw that she was going to do a closet clean out. I thought, why not? Kate's posts about building her closet have definitely given me the itch to evaluate the clothes I have and to start looking for quality clothes to fill holes in my wardrobe.

I've already kind of gone through my stuff, but I'm going to go through them again when I pull out all of our summer clothes. Then, after summer's over I'll go through the clothes and shoes I haven't worn.

I don't really have a lot of room to work with, which is just how it is. I have three drawers in our dresser and most part of the closet. Jarrod's amps are to the left and his clothes are to the right. Also, my wedding dress and Jarrod's suit are stuffed in between. We should probably look into a better storage situation for them.

My purses are stuffed to the bottom right of this closet and in the bottom of our linen closet. My shoes are a little all over the place, but I do try to keep them out of the way at least.

I went through and tried on all my dresses, except for three that I already knew I'd be keeping. I decided that four needed to go so I'm going to try and sell them online. If they're not bought within a week, I'll try Plato's Closet. If that doesn't work I'll donate them. I need to stop hanging on to stuff because of "what if".

Now, I do have six dresses that I'm not sure about. (Here's one I've posted before that I'm still keeping.) Would you all be ever so kind as to help me out? I am lacking room, like I mentioned, so these are taken in the bathroom mirror while I'm standing on Quinn's stool. No make-up and hair's a mess, so let's focus on the dresses.

1. This one always feels shorter than it is, but I think I could get over that. I'm just not sure if it's too young for me? And I'm also not sure that the high neckline is flattering on me. Sorry that this one's blurry, I didn't notice until I was done and by that time I was done.

2. This one is actually a muumuu, but I think it's cute with the belt on. I just don't wear a lot of red. And now that I think about it, this might be the only red thing in my closet. It does have one pocket and it's longer, so that's nice.

3. I love this dress, but the top fits weird. I think if I were to keep it, I'd need to get the straps shortened or something. I can mend and sew a lot of things, but this is a little more intricate that I'm used to. I'm leaning towards keeping this one, but wanted opinions.

4. I know that sentiment is partially why this one is still in my closet. I got it on our honeymoon cruise and I used to wear it a LOT. I'm not sure the stretchy top or spaghetti straps are very flattering. I've posted it on the blog before, although I doubt I'd wear it with a t-shirt under it again. I think it looks weird now.

5. WHY are the arms cut so low on some of these dresses? Ridiculous. Anyway, this is a cute dress I'm just not sure it's me. I've posted it on the blog before too. I think it does funny things to my legs when I wear it with flats.

6. This one managed to make it home with me from our college theatre department. I don't remember actively taking it, but that was five years ago so who knows. It's obviously a costume. Those sleeves probably mean I can't pull it off as a real outfit, right? I did wear it as a fortune teller to get a free donut at Krispy Kreme this past Halloween. I'm just debating if I have room to keep costumes, but Quinn called it my princess dress so it might stay anyway.

Hopefully that wasn't an overwhelming amount of Breenah for you and double hopefully I can report back in a few months that I've done well!


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