Sunday, May 1, 2016


I received this book from Blogging for Books, but all opinions are my own.

Obviously moving and blogging at the same time is not a plan that actually works for me. Moving and doing anything else isn't really working for me, but I'm muddling through. Speaking of muddling, the book I'm reviewing includes some muddling. Sorry, I just like the word muddling. I'll stop now.

I knew I wasn't in a reading mood, but kind of wanted to still review another book, so I requested a recipe book. More specifically a book about the spritz, which is "Italy's most iconic aperitivo cocktail". Then I received the book and realized it had more reading than I expected.

Talia Biocchi and Leslie Pariseau do a great job going over the history of the spritz and all the changes and different formations it has gone through. The informative part was a quick and interesting read. One of the most important things I learned was the three rules involved in making a spritz. Number one, it is always effervescent. Whether through champagne or soda water or anything else, there are always bubbles. Number two, it is low in alcohol. There's never more than an ounce of strong spirits because spritzes are for when the "day is waning and the night is young". And number three, it should be at least slightly bitter. It's meant to be consumed between work and play in the evening, before dinner. Apparently the bitterness is a means to open the stomach for a meal. Which I didn't know.

And then there are recipes.

Along with recipes for different versions of spritzes they include a few different flavored syrup recipes and some appetizer recipes that pair perfectly with spritz. Most of them sound delicious, but unfortunately they're a bit more fancy than I am. Because of that, I am going to be giving the book away.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Because I don't want to get into any sorts of trouble, you must be 21 or older to enter. Even though it's not actually alcohol, I don't want to encourage underage drinking with recipes. Also, US only please. I'm using my own money to send it out and international mail prices are ridiculous.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

I'm Still Here

Life's been a bit busy. There were holidays which meant holiday parties at school, my grandparents came into town (and sadly left, hopefully we can convince them to move here), we bought a house and are in the process of finishing that up (closing and moving happen the first week of May). All of that, among "normal" happenings have left me with little to no energy or brain power to write or update here. Lo siento mucho. I figured I'd pop back in, just in case anybody other than my mom or aunt are reading, and post a Currently (Erin just posted hers and I thought "Hey, that's easy enough to do!").


reading nothing bookwise. As I mentioned above, no brain power. I do have a book from Blogging for Books to review, but it's mostly recipes and I need to get a few things to make one. I am still keeping up with blogs, even if I'm not commenting.

watching a bunch of YouTube videos. I somewhat recently re-found Chescaleigh and Natalie Tran so I'm catching up on their videos since I stopped really watching YouTube channels. I'm also loving Stuff Mom Never Told You. However, this means I have about 30 episodes of current tv on Hulu to catch up on.

listening to podcasts. I was never a podcast person until Knox and Jamie came along. They do Popcast which is all about entertainment. And I love them quite a bit for having never met them. I also listen to Stuff Mom Never Told You (attempting to catch up on the past seven years), Denzel Washington is the Best Actor of All Time Period (even though I'm not a ginormous Denzel fan, these guys are hilarious and make every episode worth listening to), The Tell Show, The Guilty Feminist, One Bad Mother, Myths and Legends, Last Name Basis (the aforementioned Chescaleigh and her husband), and Another Round

singing Cake By the Ocean by DNCE. I have no idea why I love this song so much, but I do. And so does Quinn. We rock out to this in the car.

noticing just how much junk we have. I'm trying SO HARD to get both Jarrod and Quinn to go through their stuff before packing it up because we just own too much. Jarrod thinks he'll go through it when he's unpacking, but that makes zero sense to me. Why pack it just to get rid of it?

admitting that I am worn out.

appreciating that Quinn is old enough during this move I don't have to worry about her getting in the way or running off. She was 14 months the first time we moved with her then we moved again two years later. The first time we technically moved with her, she was still in utero. That was the easiest, to be honest.

sharing a picture of my grandparents, so this post isn't all words. Quinn met them when she was about one and a half, but hadn't seen them since. She wasn't too sure of them at first, but she warmed up to them quicker than she does to most people. I don't like that they live about 1900 miles away.

From l to r: my (step)dad, my mom, my mom's (step)mom, my mom's dad
eating/drinking a Bolthouse Farms smoothie, but I'm making Coconut Chicken Curry for dinner tonight.

wearing the pajamas I made myself for Christmas and some sweats. We have no plans today, for the first time in a week, so I'm not getting dressed.

needing to put the laundry away, put the dishes away, scrape out the ice build up in the freezer (which is causing the fridge to not be cold enough), and pack some more.

waiting to close on the house. That's what we're all waiting for at the moment. Some more patiently than others. (Read: Me more patiently than Jarrod.)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Fug Madness

Almost forgot to do this, but I love it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I received this book from Blogging for Books, but all opinions are my own.

Do you know the definition of that word? What would you guess it means? Please leave a comment with a guess before reading the rest. I'll wait.

If it makes you feel any better, I didn't know the definition either. At least, not before reading Mark Peters' book.

This is a word that references anything irrelevant or meaningless. You could call it bullshit; along with about 180 other words in the book Bullshit: A Lexicon (by the aforementioned Mark Peters). The book is not just a thesaurus of words for BS, but it gives their definitions, whether referencing a specific or general type of malarkey, and their unique back stories.

While there are plenty of examples of words I've never heard of (stultiloquence, anyone?) there are also many words that I'm sure everyone has heard of and probably used, but don't know the history behind. Which, really, how many words do you know the history behind? Probably not many. I don't, but I think that's probably best left for a different post.

Mark Peters separates the words into eight categories: animals, food & drink, air, politics, scams, science fiction, reduplication, and words for the bullshitters themselves.

One of my favorite back stories comes from the animal category. The word is "gurry". Described for the first time in 1859 as the "slime and blood of a fish", it can also include blubber, fish oil, and fish poop. "Gurry" has been used to mean gunk, dirty, or any kind of mess ever since. Instead of bullshit, you might just call this word fishshit. Which I think is a fun note to end on.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rock. Chalk.

A little while ago I entered a giveaway on Dara's blog for tickets to a KU women's basketball game. And I won! Quinn got a pillowcase, a t-shirt (which is actually too small, but that was my bad), a sticker, and access to all the women's games for the season. We also won tickets to a game of our choosing and $25 to the concessions. Since Jan 24th was Superhero Day, that's the day we chose!

Quinn was still nervous about all the people at this point and refused to be in a picture with me.

Then we found out there are games in the lobby. The one pictured had the balls light up and you had to hit them as quickly as possible. There was also one to test how vertical you could jump, but I'm not sure how well it worked because it clocked Quinn at 14" and me at 3".

One of the biggest perks of it being Superhero Day was the guy making balloon animals, Quinn got a Jayhawk, and the woman doing facepaint. She was AMAZING and so quick. I'd HIGHLY recommend Sister Act Face Painting if you're in the Wichita or Kansas City areas.

Quinn loved the idea of watching the women play basketball, but the noise was another issue entirely.

They spent most of the game like this. Now whenever we're watching basketball at home (always college and way more often than I realized) and the buzzer sounds she yells "Hey! That's like where we were with the Jayhawks!" and she calls them "our team" whenever she sees a Jayhawk. Which is often.

It was SO much fun. Well, minus the two and a half hour drive there and back we did in one day. We totally should have spent the night up there. Thank you so much to Dara and to KU Athletics for the giveaway!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Wallet Watch

So thankful to Stephanie for inspiring me to get rid of junk last month and this month I'm letting Steph inspire me to not bring in a bunch of junk in the first place.

She is calling it a Wallet Watch, but my rules are going to be a little different from hers.

1. Lasts from February 1 to February 29.
2. No fast food. We may eat it if it's bought for us, but we're not allowed to buy any. 
3. No buying unnecessary food (the reason why I have seven cans of corn in the pantry). My usual budget for two weeks is $175 (that includes anything I buy at the grocery store, generally), but I've gone over the last month and a half.
4. No beauty products, but I am going to allow myself a hair cut.
5. No clothing or accessories, unless it's to replace a necessity.
6. I can only use what's left of my Christmas money and my monthly spending money at the women's fair (about $50) but I need to be diligent about what I spend it on, if anything.
7. No extra entertainment. We have Netflix and Hulu and a pair of prepaid tickets for the movies and plenty of things to do around the house. Plus there's the library and the park and winter wednesday pricing for the zoo lasts through February.
8. Any money I make (from selling at consignment stores) goes into savings.
9. I'm going to track EVERYTHING.

Some extras: 
I have almost $5 left on my Starbucks card and if I need to use less than $2 to get something I can. 

We have a Red Robin gift card and I'm okay with using it, but I'd prefer to stay under $20 over the gift card.

We've already planned to do something special for Quinn for Valentine's Day, although I'm not sure what. I'll make sure to keep it reasonable and keep "Wallet Watch" in mind.

We should be getting our tax return this month. The plans for that is some for savings, $50 to get my car checked out to see how expensive it'll be to fix the back hatch on my car, about $140 for car tags.

Friday, January 29, 2016


Stephanie at Not Entirely Perfect started a Minimalism Challenge at the beginning of the month and BOY DO I NEED IT.

The basis was getting rid of one thing on January 1st, two things on the 2nd, etc. I haven't done that because once I started cleaning and going through stuff, it was kind of hard to stop. So I did 62 things the first day and haven't done something every single day. We're currently house hunting (fingers crossed/prayers/etc for that!) and I really don't want to pack and move more than we need to.

Here is what I've gotten rid of so far. *shoes are counted as two per pair, helps the numbers go up :)

Accessories and Shoes (29)
two (2) pieces of broken jewelry
ten (10) earrings without matches
two (2) boots I used to wear all the time, but haven't worn forever
three (3) socks still missing mates
two (2) sheets of Jamberry
two (2) scarves
two (2) wallets
two (2) purses
tote bag
old phone case

Bedroom (2)
two (2) pillows

Clothing (46)
tank top with holes
twenty (20) pieces of clothing I've held onto for way too long
stained pj pants (from putting lipstick in the dryer)
paint jeans that don't fit
dress from sophomore dance (2005)
tank top I never wore ($4, sad that I can remember how much I spent and STILL never wore it)
dress I never wore ($3)
eight (8) pieces of too small lingerie, mostly from bachelorette party (2009)
seven (7) too small pieces of clothes
four (4) heels I never wear anymore

Craft (12)
fabric I'll never use
scrap yarn
two (2) pieces of posterboard
random junk
three (3) pens
three (3) paint brushes

Kitchen (47)
baking cup (that belonged to my mom)
five (5) coffee mugs
three (3) knives
bunch of plastic knives/spoons
broken bottle opener
two (2) plastic containers without lids
three (3) measuring scoops
twelve (12) randoms from utensil drawers
set of broken candles
four (4) ice pop holders
old sauce packets
four (4) take out menus
two (2) QT cups
wine bottle
two (2) koozies
expired honey mustard
string cheese holder
broken food processor (because my parents got me an AWESOME Ninja for Christmas)

Jarrod's (4)
empty cologne bottle

Mine (15)
four (4) magazines
GPS (that's what my phone is for now)
knitted coffee cozy
four (4) books
two (2) to-be-read jars
Planet Fitness membership ($22/month and I wasn't using it, this isn't physical but it counts!)
broken earphones
earphones that don't fit my ears

Other (41)
small box of junk
two (2) containers of expired medicine
two (2) rolls of wrapping paper
dead basil plant
four (4) stained/paint sheets
two (2) fleece throw blankets
nine (9) pile of papers
tent stake
photo album
Christmas ornament
trash from junk drawer
candle lid
fairground coins
four (4) bags of wax melts
two (2) keychains
key to our old apartment
three (3) things of my mom's

Quinn's (109)
rhino toy
broken pool toy
three (3) glow sticks
cat tail from Halloween costume
two (2) piles of coloring pages
forty five (45) pieces of clothing either too small or that she doesn't wear
six (6) shoes that are too small
coat she won't wear
dress she won't wear
eleven (11) stuffed animals (and she STILL has too many)
tent that's missing pieces
two (2) piles of junk
piggy bank
two (2) long johns she never wore
two (2) puzzles
bed gate (given to my sister for my nephew)
six (6) bows
broken mask
two (2) play doh toys (we don't do play doh at home anymore)
two (2) rubber duckies
three (3) horrible/worthless toys
pieces to Cooties, which we don't have any more
nine (9) markers
rocking chair

That's 305 items! Frankly, I'm not at all shocked that the most came from Quinn. She really owns way too many things. She still does, but it's better. Now if only I could actually get Jarrod to go through his stuff.

I know I still have two days left, but I'm not sure if I'll get to anything else. If I do, I'll edit this post.


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