Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lots of Hearts

We received the outfit from Fab Kids, but all opinions are our own.

I'm really bad about being too impatient to open packages to ever film an unboxing or unbagging, but I managed to get a video of Quinn opening her new Fab Kids package! Unintentionally she's wearing an outfit from Fab Kids too! The Bow Back Mermaid Tee and Tie Dye Jeggings (which aren't on the site anymore).

This time around I let Quinn look at all the outfits in the lookbook and she chose the Heart Fit & Flare Dress and another pair of the pink Fab Soft Leggings. I think she made a great choice. She loves the hearts, how soft it is, and how it spins. I don't think non-spinning dresses really exist in Quinn's world.

In other Quinn news, she has started telling stories (they normally just have a beginning and middle or a beginning and end, but it's something) and her new favorite phrase is "It sure is ____ here!" and insert sunny or messy or windy. No idea where it came from, but it's adorable.

Me: Hey Quinn, I'm writing a blog post about you. Anything you want to say?
Q: No thank you.
Well, at least her manners are good!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Choose Your Own NPH

I received this book from Blogging for Books, but all opinions are my own.

Neil Patrick Harris. If you don't know that name, you've been living under a rock. If you're not quite old enough to know him as Doogie Howser, MD, you should be old enough to know him from How I Met Your Mother. If you're not old enough for that either, you're probably too young to be on the internet without an adult's permission. Not that my blog contains anything more than PG, but still. 

Anyway, back to NPH. I was so excited when I saw that his book (Choose Your Own Autobiography) was one of the options to request, so I requested it. It arrived and then it sat on my printer. For weeks. Mostly because it came at Christmastime and I just had NO TIME to blog about what I read so I read other things. But I kept looking at it, waiting for the right time to read it so I could write about it quickly afterward. That time has finally come.

If you couldn't tell by the title, the book is set up like the old school Choose Your Own Adventure books. Whenever you have to make a decision you choose between two or three options which lead to different pages, sometimes resulting in a dead end. The same thing happens in NPH's book, including some possible outcomes if he had made different decisions along the way. I didn't particularly enjoy this type of writing for an autobiography, but if there's someone it works for then that would be Neil Patrick Harris. I broke the rules and read straight, however I'd like to think that NPH (or at least the Barney Stinson part of him) would like that about me.

Throughout the book you learn more about Neil's childhood, his start in the business, his work through the years, and his family. One of the coolest things he added, in my opinion, were the letters from people he's known over the years; people such as Penn Jillette, Whoopi Goldberg, and Kelly Ripa. Plus a letter from none other than Barney Stinson. He also has a couple drink recipes, an entire chapter with side notes from David (his husband), and some cute cartoons. Although, I think my favorite part of the book were the pictures from Neil's childhood and early stage work. I think that's my favorite part of just about every biography, auto or not.

I imagine that any fan of Neil Patrick Harris' (huge fan or occasional HIMYM viewer) would enjoy this book.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Second Half of 2014


I only blogged twice this month, but short little things, but eh if you're bored you might want to glance at them.

Quinn gave new names to some things. Mini marshmallows became baby smarshsmallows. Porcupines became porky pies.

We had a really good Fourth, as usual since my (step)dad goes all out.

Quinn also became potty trained this month. It was super easy and she mostly did it herself, which is fine with me!


I joined a movie challenge this month. Managed to watch 18/26 of the movies.

I totally forgot about doing a vlog about my closet.

I turned 25 and did an ADiML post about it.

I couldn't celebrate turning a quarter of a century without wine.
Quinn turned 3 at the end of the month, although I don't think I ever blogged about her party. It was loosely Tinkerbell themed, but right before the party I let her open a gift from my grandma and it included a superhero/Star Wars dress that she decided to wear instead. Although, she did wear it with the Tinkerbell wings for a while.


I got even better at knitting and got to review a knitting book.

Mosquitoes were the bane of my existence.

I had asked Quinn 20 questions that I'm going to start doing every year near her birthday (list here) and these were a few funnier ones:
9. What is your favorite animal? Giraffe. Big giraffe. Very tall big giraffe. 
11. What is your favorite book? Fox. (What Does the Fox Say?, thanks Darci!) 
16. What is your favorite holiday? Bunny’s going to give me Easter eggs? 
20. What do you want to be when you grow up? Big and strong, grrr. I just kidding.
We went to the zoo with our neighbors and Quinn got her first bloody nose by tripping and smacking her face into the ground. It was pitiful.

Instead of asking for the hood of her jacket on or off she asks "I don't like my head on/off?"

At the end of the month we moved into a house! It's not OURS, but it's a house.


I joined my second book challenge. but otherwise didn't really blog. We were still in the process of cleaning out our old apartment and moving into and organizing the house.

We learned that some, um, interesting things come with living in a house that's kind of in the country.

We did go to the pumpkin patch again, but my camera wasn't charged.


Not much happened in November. My brother turned 18 and we had Thanksgiving.

One big thing did happen and that is that Darci and Adam got married! Quinn cried during the ceremony, but I'm going to share a picture of her smiling beforehand instead.


Jarrod and I celebrated being married for five years, he turned 26, and we had Christmas. I think that's about it. After all the birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years everything starts to blur.

It was a pretty good, but not terribly eventful year. Although I'd rather have uneventful than have eventful bad things happen. It's crazy seeing the pictures of Quinn from the beginning of the year versus the end of the year. She needs to stop growing up so fast!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Half of 2014

Well, if you haven't figured it out by now I'm not a "good" blogger. Whatever. I write what I want, when I want. Or when I get around to it. Like now, when we can't go outside and play in the snow because it feels like -16 (-27 to you Celsius peeps).

Quinn is not happy about the change of plans, so she's flitting between watching Finding Nemo (we got it for her for Christmas because we thought she'd love it, and she does) and watching Jarrod play his game. She "helps" by pointing out the "bad guys". It's adorable.

Anyway, I figured I'd do a brief 2014 in review. As in one post for the year instead of one post for each month like I did for 2013. That was ridiculous and tedious and bleh.


I shared this with my German speaking friends on Facebook and it still makes me giggle.

Darci came over while Quinn and I stayed in our jammies and Quinn's hair looked like this.

Those are Darci's boots she decided to try on.
Someone knocked on our apartment door at three in the morning and just about gave Jarrod and I both heart attacks. Not only did they have the wrong apartment, they had the wrong building.


On the blog I got to review a Starbucks Verismo.

We bought Quinn her first "big girl" undies. She chose Princess Sofia. We also got her a ladybug potty. If you're a new/future parent, I'd recommend skipping the little potty and just getting a seat for the big one, if your kid will let you. It's a lot easier to clean that way.

In sad news, Jarrod and I had two former classmates pass away this month. One in an accident and one was murdered. I wasn't really good friends with either of them, but they were both great guys.

I was definitely still a beginner at knitting.

Oh, and I cut my hair into a pixie again.


Quinn and I became Fab Kids bloggers. Her Fab Kids outfits are definitely some of her favorites.

I took LOTS of "which _____ are you?" quizzes and got: Lego Batman, Sandra Bullock, Veronica Mars, Ziva David (NCIS), and Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence.

My sister also got married this month and as you can see by the shirt under her dress, she wasn't able to be there when Brenda and I were getting the dress, but it worked. Also, I wasn't originally going to be able to make it, so I had no make up on and was wearing leggings as pants. But I'd have worn a trash bag if it meant I could be there.


I got better at knitting with both Jarrod and Quinn modeling for me.

Quinn put stickers on the passenger window in my car. I still haven't removed them (and I still owe Brenda a bottle of Goo Gone).

I'm glad I put cute quotes on Facebook.
Jarrod: One minute til teeth brushing time. Quinn: No thanks, I playing. 
We dyed eggs and celebrated Easter (luckily, with nobody heading to the hospital soon after like 2013).

Jarrod got stuck at work for a few hours one day this month because of a train accident (non-fatal, fyi) and his work only has one exit.

Quinn learned how to do a somersault all by herself!

And I ran out of the house looking like a huge mess so that we could get Quinn her first ice cream from an ice cream truck. Why she chose Spongebob, I'll never know. She only knows his name, nothing else about him or the show.

I joined my first reading challenge (you can see what set off the obsession).


I posted some photos from 1999. As you know, I love old photos so if you're like me, check it out. There's one where my sister and I have matching overalls.

Jarrod celebrated May the Fourth (Force) Be With You (aka Star Wars day).

I learned that Jarrod and I could pass, with 100%, a US Immigration Marriage Interview.

Quinn got to visit with both Finn (my friend Rachel's son) and Elsie (Alyx's daughter). She's not normally the big kid and I think she enjoyed it.

My (step)dad, mom, youngest (step)sister, Jarrod, Quinn, and I ran/walked in Color Me Rad. It's much more fun when you're not alone and there's no freezing rain!


I had issues fashion blogging while Quinn was just a natural at it.

Jarrod made a parody to "Let it Go" about Moses: The sand burns bright in the desert tonight//not a footprint to be seen//Let them go, let them go//Can't hold my people anymore//Turn away and put the blood on the door//The plagues won't bother me anymore.

We went to the pool for the first time this year during this month. Luckily it's still cold, but as soon as it's warm I know I'll miss the apartment pool. I'll miss nothing else about the apartment, especially considering there was also a fatal shooting less than 600 feet from our apartment around the same time.

My mom got Lasik and I'm still jealous.

Jarrod broke his wrist this month, which sucked.

And here's where I'm going to stop because this is getting long.

Friday, January 2, 2015


Technically I wasn't tagged by anyone for this, but I just organized all my to-be-read books for all the challenges I'm doing this year and figured I might as well fill this out.

ETA: credit for the questions go to Rachel and Dana

How do you keep track of your TBR pile?

Is your TBR mostly print or e-book?
Well, I do own 45 e-books (mostly free ones), but still most are print because that's what I prefer.

How do you determine which book from your TBR to be read next?
It's a mix of what my library has in stock, what mood I'm in, and what works for the challenge I'm doing. Although, I am going to print off some of my books and make a TBR jar and start just pulling random ones so that some don't keep getting put off.

What book has been on your TBR longest?
How to Kill a Rockstar by Tiffanie DeBartolo since July 2008. And my library system doesn't have it so it might be on there for a long time.

What book did you most recently add to your TBR?
(I skipped over ones I added because I had the wrong version on or series)

A book on your list purely for it's beautiful cover?
I don't think I add any book, no matter the cover, to my list unless I like the synopsis. Although, sometimes that's hard because there are some books that are SO PRETTY that just don't sound interesting to me.

A book on your list you NEVER plan on reading?
I tried to remove these while I was organizing, but there's a good chance I'll never get around to some of the classics and more well-known books that you "should" read. Meh.

An unpublished book you're really excited for?
The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead, it's the final book in the Bloodlines series and I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO SYDNEY AND ADRIAN.

A book on your TBR that basically everybody has read except you?
Fangirl and Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. I'm getting to them!

A book on your TBR that everybody recommends?
See previous question.

A book on your TBR you're dying to read?

Total number of books on your TBR shelf?
That's a LOT, but it does include a few cookbooks and knitting books, which I wouldn't actually read.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Bloglovin' isn't working and both Quinn and I are still waking up, so I figured "why not?"

4 names people like to call you other than your real name:
1. Brina/Breenah (depending on if you know me in real life vs. the internet)
2. Mommy/Mama (duh)
3. Sunshine (this has been my mom's nickname for me since I was born)
4. Sabby (Jarrod's best friend Tyler is the only person who calls me this)

4 jobs you've had:
1. retail at JCPenney
2. optician
3. retail at Goodwill
4. RA

4 movies you've seen more than once:
1. Mean Girls
2. Heathers (it's on Netflix!)
3. Princess Bride
4. It's a Wonderful Life

4 books you'd recommend:
2. Uglies
4. I'll Scream Later

4 places you've lived:
1. Kansas
2. Washington
3. Kansas
4. Wichita, Kansas

in Arizona, March 1993

4 places you've visited:
1. Georgia
2. Arizona
3. Maine
4. Texas

4 places you'd rather be right now:
1. on a beach
2. at a nail salon
3. at a masseuse
4. alone and reading

4 things you don't eat:
1. capers
2. grape jelly (I will if it's the only kind of jelly)
3. eggplant
4. raw onions (cooked and/or caramelized are good though)

4 of your favorite foods:
1. sushi
2. fruit salad
3. Olive Garden salad
4. garlic mashed potatoes

I even had sushi earrings at one point, but between three moves they've gotten lost

4 TV shows you watch:
1. Supernatural
2. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
3. Red Band Society
4. Castle

4 things you're always saying:
1. "That is NOT a toy."
2. "Turn off the lights!"
3. "Quinn Lauren!"
4. "Since you're up..."

Monday, December 15, 2014

Two More Book Challenges? I Might Be Crazy

The first challenge is Erin's challenge.  It overlaps with Megan's and the Bout of Books (which I talk about at the end of this post), so that'll work in my favor.

* 5 points: Read a book, any book that is at least 200 pages long.
Jeneration X - Jen Lancaster, 352 pages (yes, I'm using this one for Megan's book challenge too, but as long as I don't start it til January 1 I can use it for both!)

* 10 points: Read a book that begins with the “A”, “An”, or “The”.
The Mischief of the Mistletoe - Lauren Willig, 340 pages

* 10 points: Read a book with a two word title.
White Lines - Jennifer Banash, 304 pages

* 15 points: Read a book with an animal in the title.
White Cat - Holly Black, 310 pages

* 20 points: Take the first letter of your first name and read a book that the title begins with that letter. 
Shoe Addicts Anonymous - Beth Harbison, 327 pages (for those of you confused, Breenah is not my real name)

* 20 points: Read a book set in any country in Europe.
The Zookeeper's Wife - Diane Ackerman (Poland), 368 pages

* 25 points: Read a book from the NPR’s guide of great books from 2014.
The Witch and Other Tales Re-Told - Jean Thompson, 272 pages

* 30 points: Read a book by a favorite author that is not a re-read. (submitted by Shana)
Peeps - Scott Westerfeld, 312 pages

* 30 points: Read a book by a comedian or comedic actor. (submitted by Ann Marie)
Yes Please - Amy Poehler, 288 pages

* 35 points: Read a book about science, discovery, or a scientific process – non-fiction only. (submitted by Susan)
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - Rebecca Skloot, 370 pages (also part of the other challenge, but seriously, two birds and one stone)

And I'll be participating in my first Bout of Books, which is explained below:
The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, January 5th and runs through Sunday, January 11th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure, and the only reading competition is between you and your usual number of books read in a week. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 12 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. - From the Bout of Books team

ETA: Make that four. I'm also doing the TBR Pile Challenge (that's where I try and get my books from anyway AND the Library book challenge. Right now I'm trying to organize all my lists, so we'll see how it goes!


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