Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Little Thanksgiving and a Lot of Fun Tee

Happy Thanksgiving! If you're in the US, that is. If not, Happy Thursday! Or Friday. Whatever, I don't feel like double checking how time zones work right now.

On Tuesday we went and had a "feast" at Quinn's school. It's kind of hard to do the stereotypical elementary school Thanksgiving things knowing that the "everybody was friends" story you get told was a lie, but there's also only so much that five-year-olds will understand. Quinn still doesn't quite understand taxidermy and thinks the animals at Cabela's were just really well trained, even though I tried to explain.

I asked Quinn what she was most excited about for Thanksgiving and she's looking forward to seeing her grandparents. She is so excited she's even crafting at home. (She insisted I add the stickers while editing and that's a pumpkin on the right.)

On top of prepping for the feast at school and regular Thanksgiving (at both my parents' and Jarrod's) I was also volunteering at Quinn's school (four hours a week, generally), helping my grandma out with cleaning and grocery shopping, and starting genealogy work with my other grandma. And I also agreed to do a pattern test in the middle of this. 

I'm not always the smartest when it comes to scheduling.

You might remember that I tested for Lauren from Sew By Pattern Pieces before, with the super cute and twirly circle skirt. This time she's designed a t-shirt that is crazy well fitting, the Ladies Fun Tee.

The first version I tried, I didn't have fabric that was stretchy enough and it still fit pretty dang well, although you can see that it's a tiny bit tight in the bust. I re-purposed a 3XL t-shirt and then dyed it, so for $1 and a test it's not a bad tee. However, the benefit of sewing your own clothes is that you can get them fitting well, if not perfectly.

With the final version of the shirt I was pushing it on getting everything done in time, as you can see with everything else I was doing, but I got it done! I was excited, until I forgot that I didn't have pictures yet. I wanted to do at least basic make-up for pictures and Quinn decided to join me.

As you can see by the teal she's applying to her forehead, she's still completely having fun.

We moved downstairs because the lighting is slightly better. This involved a furry photobomber.

And a less furry photobomber, but you can actually see the fit of the shirt in this one. I often have to add length to sleeves and bodices to be comfortable and long enough, but I don't have to on this pattern and it makes me SO HAPPY. However, I haven't even mentioned the best part yet. On top of having sizes 2 through 22 (US sizing) Lauren has also worked the pattern by bust size. So, if you're a size 2 but with a DD bust or a size 20 with an A bust, you won't have to finagle the pattern to combine sizes. It's AWESOME. Plus the directions on how to figure out which size you need is easy peezy.

I'm sure I'll be making plenty more of these in the future. And if you're interested in making some, there's a giveaway! It's for one copy of the Ladies Fun Tee and one copy of One Thimble #13, so enter away at the bottom of the post.

If you can't wait for the giveaway, Lauren is having a special Thanksgiving sale, even though she's in Australia. Use code "HOLIDAY25" for 25% off in her etsy store from November 25th - 29th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Update

I managed to complete 8/19. Honestly, I forgot about my goals and didn't look at this once since writing it. Oops. For now, I'm not going to make a list for November. I imagine I'll get just as much done. Goal lists don't do it for me, apparently.


Write at least three blog posts (does this one count as one?) - Half completed, I'm not sure the ones I wrote really count, but there are three.
Finish moving 2013's pictures to Flickr (I'm in August, currently) - Completely and utterly ignored.
Write at least one movie and/or book review. - I did that, but also counted it as one of my three posts.


Finish the dress I'm working on for Quinn - This has been abandoned. It just isn't working.
Sew the sweatshirt I've been meaning to make for myself - I still need to add the band at the hips and the cuffs at the wrist. But I did make Quinn's Halloween costume.
Sew the shirt I'm making for my mom - Not even started.
Finish knitting present - I don't remember what this was, but I've moved on to other knitting, so I'm pretty sure it's done.


Pumpkin patch trip - Sadly this is the first year in FOREVER we didn't go.
Lunch at school at least once - I had lunch with her at school twice and have volunteered a few times as well.
Get her to sleep by herself (she did last night, lets hope it sticks) - She still needs me to come in at least once a night, but I'm mostly not sleeping in her bed anymore. HUGE score.


Drink at least 32 oz water per day - HAHAHAHAHAHA. No.
Catch up on my Bible reading - Bah. No.
Stop biting nails, again - Man, I suck.
Figure out some sort of face/skin care routine - Also no, but I am getting better at cleaning my face on a schedule.


Finish a book - I finished four, actually. Approval Junkie, A Wrinkle in Time, Dead is a State of Mind, and The Savages.
Finish movie challenge - Also no.
Try five new recipes - I totally forgot about this and so I'm not really sure if I did or not.
Have less than five nights of "whatever" for dinner - I think we managed to do this.
Hit the budget HARD with sticking to it - We're doing better.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Approval Given

To be honest, when I requested Approval Junkie from Blogging for Books, I had no idea who Faith Salie was. In case you're in the same boat, here's a quick blurb from her website:
Faith Salie is an Emmy-winning contributor to CBS News Sunday Morning and a panelist on NPR's Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! She also hosts the PBS show, Science Goes to the Movies. As a commentator on politics and pop culture, she's been interviewed by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Bill O'Reilly, and Anderson Cooper. As a television and public radio host, she herself has interviewed newsmakers from Lorne Michaels to President Carter to Robert Redford, who invited her to call him "Bob."
I don't watch news on Sunday mornings nor do I really watch any daytime news shows, nor do I listen to anything NPR, so I wasn't really surprised to realize why I didn't know who she was. However, after reading her book, I really really like her.

Faith Salie has spent her entire life as an approval junkie, hence the title of the book, and the book goes through how that hasn't always been a good thing. She does a great job of explaining how some people were crappy, without bashing them. Other than calling her ex the "wasband" she's super nice about not-so-great people. She also has a lot more self realization in her own role of their non-compatibility that you would expect from a celebrity.

Faith is beautifully open and honest throughout, especially when talking about approaching 40 and deciding to freeze her eggs. She met her husband, John, right around the time she was freezing eggs and his non-reaction to her dropping that bomb on him is just the best, but my favorite story involves her eyelash extensions. It's a must-read.

This was a great book. At the end she admits that she's still an approval junkie, but now it's mostly approval from herself, which is really the way it should be.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Try, Try Again?

The last reading challenge I attempted went about as well as this:

So, let's try this again, shall we?

5 points: Freebie! Any book at least 150 pages long.

10 points: 2016 Finalist for National Book Award, Man Booker, or Man Booker International.

10 points: Brand new release (from 11/1/16 to 1/31/17)

15 points: Book by author of different race or religion from me.

15 points: Book with main character of different race or religion from me.

20 points: Modern retelling of a classic.

25 points: Book with alcoholic beverage in the title.

30 points: Book with a character that shares your first or last name.

30 points: Two books that connect, one non-fiction and one fiction.
40 points: Two books where authors share a name, one's first name and the other's last name are the same.

Monday, October 3, 2016

October Goals


Write at least three blog posts (does this one count as one?)
Finish moving 2013's pictures to Flickr (I'm in August, currently)
Write at least one movie and/or book review.


Finish the dress I'm working on for Quinn
Sew the sweatshirt I've been meaning to make for myself
Sew the shirt I'm making for my mom
Finish knitting present


Pumpkin patch trip
Lunch at school at least once
Get her to sleep by herself (she did last night, lets hope it sticks)

random photo from senior year homecoming parade for your time, me in red dress as Lady MacBeth Jarrod in the back right as goofy medieval guy


Drink at least 32 oz water per day
Catch up on my Bible reading
Stop biting nails, again
Figure out some sort of face/skin care routine


Finish a book
Finish movie challenge
Try five new recipes
Have less than five nights of "whatever" for dinner
Hit the budget HARD with sticking to it

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Hello there. I keep meaning to blog, then it just doesn't happen. I want to, but can't seem to do it properly. I also want to read, but can't seem to keep my concentration for that for more than a page. Don't want to watch any movies. It's just been weird around here. Here's why:

May 5 - bought a house
May 6 - Quinn's field day, moved into house
May 6 through early June - unpacked and organized
May 16 - Quinn's last day of preschool
May 18 - adopted a dog
May 19 - took her to vet, who was not happy with her ear situation
May 22 - youngest sibling graduated high school
May 25 - doggy gets ear sutures out

Quinn at Field Day with her teacher
June 2 - bug guys to spray for roaches
June 5 - house warming party
June 9 - vet check for doggy (whose name is Sassy)
June 10 - another surgery for Sassypants
June 18 - birthday party one of summer
June 24 - got my tubes tied, Sassy got her stitches out

She HATES these cones and managed to break more than one.
July 1 - birthday party two of summer
July 4 - parade and other Fourth celebrations
July 7 - get tag for truck we bought because Jarrod's car died
July 10 - birthday party three of summer
July 24 - baby shower for friend I've known for 16 years
July 26 - kindergarten kick-off pizza dinner at church

Obviously we're playing Pokemon Go, there are four Pokestops and a Gym within reasonable walking distance from our house, so we've been on a lot of walks.
August 4 - doctor's appointment to see if Quinn's vaccinations are up to date, can't figure out if they are, and enrollment
August 6 - employee appreciation picnic for Jarrod's work, babysit my nephew
August 9 - my birthday
August 12 - Jarrod and I go on a date
August 13 - Quinn's birthday party (and birthday party number four of summer)
August 19 - Quinn's orientation/assessment day at school
August 23 - Quinn's first real day of school
August 30 - Quinn's birthday

She kept hiding behind Jarrod instead of making friends or paying attention on her orientation/assessment day.
And now I'm having chest pains. Woo.

So, yeah. None of that was really normal. And it was all done with the regular Jarrod at work, me doing bills/groceries/errands, Quinn needing entertained. We've made it through Quinn's first week of school, so hopefully things will start to return to normal soon.

As far as Sassy goes, we've kept her grain and pork free and we clean her ears out once a week and it seems to really be helping. And on the advice of my oldest sister's mom, we give her a spoon of coconut oil every night and it's made DRASTIC improvements to her fur. I don't even have to brush her and her coat is nice and smooth and shiny.

Quinn enjoys school and loves that she gets to have TWO recesses. She is still adjusting to being there all day and not being grumpy afterward (but it's only been four days, so we're trying to give her a break). She really doesn't like having to wait in the gym for announcements at the start of the day, but she's getting better about it and I try to get her there as close to the start of announcements as possible so she doesn't have to wait too long.

Now that she's at school for seven hours a day, I have no excuse for a messy house, right?

Friday, August 19, 2016

Who Doesn't Love a Good Twirl?

Last month I had the opportunity to test a skirt pattern for Orange Daisy Patterns. I love the idea of skirts, but rarely wear them because something always feels off with either the fit or the length, but I wanted to give it a try!

First, some stats on the pattern.

This skirt was designed by Lauren of Sew by Pattern Pieces and she has some cute girls patterns available on Etsy, but the Glamour Swirl is available in both kid and adult sizes.
It's easy to sew. If you're a beginner or haven't worked with knits before, this is a great starting point.
It's designed as a full circle skirt with a yoga waist band for four-way stretch knit with at least 50% stretch. Lauren has included a chart to calculate stretch within the pattern to make it easy.
The Glamour Swirl skirt is meant to be worn on the natural waist, so it's perfect for anyone who has an hourglass or pear shape, but honestly I think it'd look great on any body type.
There's both a women's AND a girl's pattern available.
It's super cute.

And, best of all, it's FREE. All you have to do is join her Facebook group, Sew by Pattern Pieces Sewing Circle.

It's safe to say that I'm a huge fan of this pattern. It's perfectly twirly.

The Glamour Swirl has options for pockets, a waist tie, and four different lengths. For my first skirt I made the mistake of using some knit I knew nothing about since I had found it randomly in our house. It was see through and not stretchy enough, but I powered through. I went with pockets and no waist tie. I will always choose pockets if that's an option. Quinn was very impressed and now insists I include pockets on everything I make for her.

Even though it wasn't perfect, due to my own mess ups, it's totally cute and wearable.

The second one I made, I wanted to do matching skirts for Quinn and me. I cut hers out first and totally didn't have enough fabric left for my own. Double check your measurements! I managed to make mine work, but shorter than intended and without pockets (*insert crying emoji here*). Quinn is super stoked about us having matching superhero skirts. And she's extra happy about the fact that Black Widow is included (hint hint Marvel or whoever does your toys).

I don't use my tripod and self timer terribly often, but this time Quinn wanted to take the picture. She still needs some practice, but I'm also not the best model!

We did use the self timer for some pictures of us together and I kind of love this picture.

Of course, twirl pictures are required.

We attempted to get a picture of us twirling together, but that ended with Quinn almost falling off the deck, so our picture taking was thus ended.

If you're interested in seeing other things I've sewn, I have an entire public album on Facebook, Sabrina Sews.

On top of me sharing this fabulous pattern with you, there's a giveaway!

$30 Fabric and Voucher
So Sew English
1 pattern of choice (no bundles)
Bella Sunshine Designs
Daydream Patterns
Laela Jeyne Patterns
Rachel Rossi Designs

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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