Sunday, January 31, 2016

Wallet Watch

So thankful to Stephanie for inspiring me to get rid of junk last month and this month I'm letting Steph inspire me to not bring in a bunch of junk in the first place.

She is calling it a Wallet Watch, but my rules are going to be a little different from hers.

1. Lasts from February 1 to February 29.
2. No fast food. We may eat it if it's bought for us, but we're not allowed to buy any. 
3. No buying unnecessary food (the reason why I have seven cans of corn in the pantry). My usual budget for two weeks is $175 (that includes anything I buy at the grocery store, generally), but I've gone over the last month and a half.
4. No beauty products, but I am going to allow myself a hair cut.
5. No clothing or accessories, unless it's to replace a necessity.
6. I can only use what's left of my Christmas money and my monthly spending money at the women's fair (about $50) but I need to be diligent about what I spend it on, if anything.
7. No extra entertainment. We have Netflix and Hulu and a pair of prepaid tickets for the movies and plenty of things to do around the house. Plus there's the library and the park and winter wednesday pricing for the zoo lasts through February.
8. Any money I make (from selling at consignment stores) goes into savings.
9. I'm going to track EVERYTHING.

Some extras: 
I have almost $5 left on my Starbucks card and if I need to use less than $2 to get something I can. 

We have a Red Robin gift card and I'm okay with using it, but I'd prefer to stay under $20 over the gift card.

We've already planned to do something special for Quinn for Valentine's Day, although I'm not sure what. I'll make sure to keep it reasonable and keep "Wallet Watch" in mind.

We should be getting our tax return this month. The plans for that is some for savings, $50 to get my car checked out to see how expensive it'll be to fix the back hatch on my car, about $140 for car tags.

Friday, January 29, 2016


Stephanie at Not Entirely Perfect started a Minimalism Challenge at the beginning of the month and BOY DO I NEED IT.

The basis was getting rid of one thing on January 1st, two things on the 2nd, etc. I haven't done that because once I started cleaning and going through stuff, it was kind of hard to stop. So I did 62 things the first day and haven't done something every single day. We're currently house hunting (fingers crossed/prayers/etc for that!) and I really don't want to pack and move more than we need to.

Here is what I've gotten rid of so far. *shoes are counted as two per pair, helps the numbers go up :)

Accessories and Shoes (29)
two (2) pieces of broken jewelry
ten (10) earrings without matches
two (2) boots I used to wear all the time, but haven't worn forever
three (3) socks still missing mates
two (2) sheets of Jamberry
two (2) scarves
two (2) wallets
two (2) purses
tote bag
old phone case

Bedroom (2)
two (2) pillows

Clothing (46)
tank top with holes
twenty (20) pieces of clothing I've held onto for way too long
stained pj pants (from putting lipstick in the dryer)
paint jeans that don't fit
dress from sophomore dance (2005)
tank top I never wore ($4, sad that I can remember how much I spent and STILL never wore it)
dress I never wore ($3)
eight (8) pieces of too small lingerie, mostly from bachelorette party (2009)
seven (7) too small pieces of clothes
four (4) heels I never wear anymore

Craft (12)
fabric I'll never use
scrap yarn
two (2) pieces of posterboard
random junk
three (3) pens
three (3) paint brushes

Kitchen (47)
baking cup (that belonged to my mom)
five (5) coffee mugs
three (3) knives
bunch of plastic knives/spoons
broken bottle opener
two (2) plastic containers without lids
three (3) measuring scoops
twelve (12) randoms from utensil drawers
set of broken candles
four (4) ice pop holders
old sauce packets
four (4) take out menus
two (2) QT cups
wine bottle
two (2) koozies
expired honey mustard
string cheese holder
broken food processor (because my parents got me an AWESOME Ninja for Christmas)

Jarrod's (4)
empty cologne bottle

Mine (15)
four (4) magazines
GPS (that's what my phone is for now)
knitted coffee cozy
four (4) books
two (2) to-be-read jars
Planet Fitness membership ($22/month and I wasn't using it, this isn't physical but it counts!)
broken earphones
earphones that don't fit my ears

Other (41)
small box of junk
two (2) containers of expired medicine
two (2) rolls of wrapping paper
dead basil plant
four (4) stained/paint sheets
two (2) fleece throw blankets
nine (9) pile of papers
tent stake
photo album
Christmas ornament
trash from junk drawer
candle lid
fairground coins
four (4) bags of wax melts
two (2) keychains
key to our old apartment
three (3) things of my mom's

Quinn's (109)
rhino toy
broken pool toy
three (3) glow sticks
cat tail from Halloween costume
two (2) piles of coloring pages
forty five (45) pieces of clothing either too small or that she doesn't wear
six (6) shoes that are too small
coat she won't wear
dress she won't wear
eleven (11) stuffed animals (and she STILL has too many)
tent that's missing pieces
two (2) piles of junk
piggy bank
two (2) long johns she never wore
two (2) puzzles
bed gate (given to my sister for my nephew)
six (6) bows
broken mask
two (2) play doh toys (we don't do play doh at home anymore)
two (2) rubber duckies
three (3) horrible/worthless toys
pieces to Cooties, which we don't have any more
nine (9) markers
rocking chair

That's 305 items! Frankly, I'm not at all shocked that the most came from Quinn. She really owns way too many things. She still does, but it's better. Now if only I could actually get Jarrod to go through his stuff.

I know I still have two days left, but I'm not sure if I'll get to anything else. If I do, I'll edit this post.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Instantly Happy?

I received this book from Blogging for Books, but all opinions are my own.

For those of you who don't know, I have a lovely mixture of anxiety and depression. It's normally kept in check with medicine, but sometimes I still have a hard time finding any "happy". That was a big part of the reason I requested Instant Happy Journal from Blogging for Books. That and my mom suggested it after I told her which books I was considering.

While I wouldn't say this book is the be-all and end-all or that it cured me or made me instantly happy, I do think that it's helpful and encouraging.

Before I start talking about the content, I just have to say that this book is just adorable. Between the polka dot front, the yellow bookmark ribbon, and all the different page designs, it's likely to bring a smile to your face before you even start reading or writing.

Similarly to my Q&A journal there are good prompts and weird ones and ones I have no idea how to even begin answering, but overall I'm enjoying it so far. I haven't done one prompt per day, I'm saving them for days when I need a little boost of happy. Such as last Tuesday which SUCKED. I wrote out a prompt, attempting to not be as sarcastic and cynical as I usually am, then Quinn and I made a cake.

She's currently obsessed with My Cupcake Addiction and Cookies, Cupcakes, & Cardio, but that might be worth it's own post.

There are a few examples. Sometimes it's questions and sometimes it's just quotes. I do tend to have a harder time "answering" the quotes because I'm just not sure what to write, especially if I'm in a mood.

I think that this would be great for all kinds of people. If you have a mood disorder, like me, it can help perk you up (sometimes); if you're a writer, it could definitely help with writing prompts, or if you just like daily journals.

I gave this journal four out of five stars, only because there were a few prompts that just didn't click with me, but maybe they'll click with you. I think Karen Salmansohn did a great job with this and I'm interested in looking into all her other books on being happy, I think they could be interesting.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Recent TBR Adds

A bunch of book bloggers I follow post Top Ten Tuesdays which is a feature on The Broke and the Bookish and I figured I'd play along this week. Mostly because I'm ignoring the dishes that need done and laundry that needs put away. Who says you have to adult properly at 26?

These are the books I've added to my TBR this month. Granted, I don't know why I keep adding books because I haven't read much lately. I'm super slacking.

And links, because I know you'll be interested:

And I'm currently reading Echo by Lorena Glass for review, but my reading comprehension/attention span is SO broken, so it's slow going. That is not a comment on her writing, just my brain.

Most importantly: How do I get my reading mojo back?

Sunday, January 17, 2016

December 2015

I know you've just been waiting for this recap.*


Jarrod and I started out the month celebrating our sixth anniversary. We didn't do anything special, but we did go out on New Years Eve to kind of celebrate both.

We always get new pajamas for Christmas (a tradition my mom started when I was little) and I decided to give Jarrod his early. Along with his birthday present, the Kylo Ren beanie, because he is an impatient man.

My mom, eldest (step)sister, and I went to the Women's Extravaganza that our church hosts every December. It's a brunch with worship and a speaker and door prizes. It's always fun. I always promise myself I'll wear something red or Christmassy, but never do. Because I never wear red.

We went out for our traditional Christmas dinner with my family. This year we went to Bricktown Brewery and if you're ever in the Wichita area, I'd highly recommend it. The kids' grilled cheese was SO GOOD. The burgers were SO GOOD. The mixed drinks were SO GOOD.

December 18th was Jarrod's birthday and the release of Star Wars Episode VII, so of course he took the day off so we could go see it. It was AWESOME. I love Rey and Finn and Poe. Quinn hasn't seen it yet, but she loves Rey a LOT. Although Princess Leia is still her favorite. December 18th was also the birthday of one of Quinn's classmates. That evening we went to a superhero party at a jumpy place, with the air filled jump things. Quinn's best friend from school was there and they were SO HAPPY.

I managed to  give myself another concussion. By slamming a car door into my head. Twice. I don't recommend it.

Conversation I had with Quinn:
Q: Um no. I'm not getting married.
Me: Oh, okay. Why not?
Q: I'm already married.
Me: To who?
Q: My polka dot doggy. And we have a monkey baby. I'm gonna take the blanky for her.
It's semi-tradition to make a dutch baby for breakfast on Christmas Eve. And it got SUPER big this year.

We celebrated Christmas Eve at my eldest (step)sister's house with about 17 other people, then went to Jarrod's mom's on Christmas and celebrated with three other people and four cats.

"Santa" aka Jarrod surprised me with a Funko Pop I had really wanted, Lady Sif, then I got Rey with Christmas money. I'm hoping to amass a small horde with all my favorite ladies. Wonder Woman is next on my list. Then the Belchers.

Also while shopping, Quinn bought some Legos with her Christmas money, although she really wanted to take home one of her new friends. Unfortunately I had to say no.

Quinn spent the night at Nana and Papa's on New Years Eve so Jarrod and I could go on a date. We came home embarrassingly early for people in their mid-twenties, but enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. Then we bought donuts to say thank you when we picked her up. Starting off 2016 by being able to sleep in my own bed, sleep in, and we got donuts? Hopefully it sets the tone for the rest of the year!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Garnier Skincare Party

I received samples from Crowdtap for the party, but all opinions are my own. Or my friend's own.

So, as much as I enjoy wearing makeup and getting my hair done, I am not very well versed in all things beauty. Knowing that, it won't surprise you that prior to this party I had no idea what Micellar Water was. If you're in the same boat, here's how Garnier describes it:
Micellar Cleansing Water features micelle cleansing molecules that pull oil and dirt away from the face. Our all-in-1 cleanser gently takes all makeup off, no rinsing, no harsh rubbing.
And the great thing is that it works! It was super easy to clean off our make-up with no scrubbing. There's even a formula for waterproof mascara (which my mom, in the blue shirt, is using) and she said it worked great. She usually uses three different steps to get her make-up off in the evening, but is very happy it's down to one.

Heather, in the plaid shirt, wasn't wearing any make-up. She had on moisturizer and had been busy all day long and the micellar water still removed grossness from her skin. This is definitely something you can use every day to clean your face, no problem. It didn't leave any of us feeling like there was still something on our face nor did it feel drying like a lot of facial cleansers do.

We also got to test out the Clearly Brighter Moisturizer with SPF 15. The best thing is that it left no greasy feeling. Unfortunately for me, it wasn't quite moisturizing enough and my forehead started to do that dry skin/flaky thing part way through the day. I will definitely try this again in the summer when my dry skin isn't even worse due to the weather. I do always love when my moisturizer includes SPF because I hate the feeling of traditional sunscreen on my face.

Super huge shout-out to everybody who came, but especially my mom (for hosting, too), Heather, and my sister Kaitlyn, who all let me post pictures of them on the internet sans make-up.

Saturday, January 2, 2016


Um, so this is only a month late. Not too bad, right?

Quinn had quite a few good quotes this month.

Stick your tongue back in you!
I don't want DINNER. I want dinner lunch.
Everyone will feel stinky!
*bites my hand* Dat was deeeeelicious! 

This beautiful Hermione/Katniss rap battle happened. I had nothing to do with it, but wanted to share it again.

Quinn got super sick at the beginning of November 2014 and 2015 wasn't any different. When she started feeling better, but still wasn't over everything she asked to go to the pancake store. Which, if you don't speak Quinn, means IHOP. Since I didn't think she would do well sitting at a restaurant, we ran to Dillon's to get strawberries and whipped cream. She appreciated my knock-off Funny Face Pancakes.

I made Quinn dresses for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Simplicity 1023 and The Brooklyn Empire Dress.

I also made my (step)dad a hat because he had been borrowing Jarrod's and my youngest (step)sister a flannel infinity scarf, but couldn't wait for Christmas to give them the presents.

I went to Quinn's Thanksgiving party, we made mini M'n'M cookies per her request. The kiddos sang a couple cute songs, made the pilgrim hats and Native American headbands (which were referred to as Indian, but I just kept saying Native American hoping that someone else would pick it up, but that's a different post) then they ate and we went home.

I almost forgot my favorite part! During prayer for food Quinn's green feather was coming loose. Instead of paying attention to the teacher pray, she kept flipping it up and down so it'd bounce on her nose. It took so much effort for me to not laugh out loud.

I love that Quinn was so excited about her Thanksgiving dress. She wore it to the party and at Thanksgiving at our house and another time or two.

Quinn and I cleaned up so we could host twelve people for Thanksgiving. It wound up being icy that night so we didn't make it to Jarrod's mom's, but we made up for it the next week.

We put up our Christmas tree a day or two after Thanksgiving, with the tree skirt I made. It was kind of a beast, but I'm proud that I did it. I was super tempted to give up a time or two.


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