Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Starting to Run

I started Couch to 5K today. I wound up having to stop 7 and a half minutes early because I just couldn't run anymore. The stroller was swerving and I was hitting the wheels. For my first day I don't think I did too bad though. Especially since I'm sure I ran more today than I have since high school.

I'm really glad I can listen to music while running the app.
After I stopped Quinn and I did play on the slides at the park for a little while. She wanted to do it all by herself, of course.


(this is the first time I've uploaded a video to blogger, so I hope it works)

Ultimately I think having Quinn in the stroller is both a pro and a con to running. It's a con because it can get in the way and I feel like the handles should be just an inch or two higher up, but it's a pro because it gives me something to focus on and I don't have to worry about where my hands are. And the cup holder is the perfect height for the iPhone.

These are the shoes I wound up getting:

My feet hurt at first (is that normal?) but I realized near the end and while playing on the slides, that they felt fine. It was mostly my lungs burning that hurt, that stops when you get more in shape, right?

I also learned I need to take TLC's Waterfalls off my running playlist. NOT a workout song. I do need to add both Shake It Out by Florence & the Machine and Survivor by Destiny's Child. Any suggestions for more songs to add? I'll keep you updated on how C25K and getting healthy in general goes. I just turned down cookies and Cheerios from Quinn because I'm not hungry and didn't feel like wasting all that hard work I just did.


  1. My first time doing C25K I had a rough time too. Your feet hurting could be because of the shoes you're wearing. You should get fit for running shoes because everyone has a different gait and different shoes work better for different people. Yay for running though! Go you!

  2. It's completely normal for your feet to hurt! I've found that it's inevitable. But you got a good pair of shoes, which means you're feet would hurt MORE if you didn't. :P
    As long as they feel ok after you run, you're in good shape. :)

  3. But I also do agree with the person above me! Getting fit for a running shoe is one of the best places to start (assuming you didn't do that the first time). The shoe you got is a great shoe! Just hopefully it's great for your feet. :P

  4. those shoes look really cool! great job starting the couch to 5K. I don't think I could run with a stroller, but I'm sure you'll be fine training that way because you're starting that way, not adding it when you're used to running without it, you know? good luck!

  5. #1 - check with the local resale shops for children & sporting goods because you may be able to find a jogging stroller.
    #2 - I am so proud of you!
    #3 - The video of Monkee made my day. Her giggle is infectious!!

  6. running with a stroller is HARD WORK! I need to borrow a kid to take on my runs. :)

  7. You are doing great! The thing wiht running is - just be consistent with your efforts. You don't have to run a marathon right away - you need to learn to love to run so that you want to run.
    It's hard running with a stroller, it's awkward and weird but just keep it up - eventually it won't be so bad anymore. I also think it will make you faster - faster because when you do end up running without it, you'll feel less resistance and just go.

    Those shoes are awesome. I am loving the colors. And I echo everyone else when I say going to a running store to analyze your gait is the best way, but if you can't do that then just gage it yourself. If you're starting out and going shorter distances you're fine in a shoe that fits you like normal, but if you're going to start increasing mileage you need to go up 1/2 size or 1 full size to accommodate swelling. {I have manfeet, but I went up a full size}.

    I'm excited for you and just think of the great example you're showing Quinn! [Who is totally adorable on the slide!]

  8. that is a great start! nice job! and those shoes are so fun! i love them!

  9. Great job lady! I've heard people having great results from C25K! For me, my lungs always hurt when it's too cold out, so hopefully that goes away once it warms up (unless it's warm where you are...then I hate you because it's freezing here)

  10. good for you! keep going!!!... i say that only because i am super lazy and i felt like downloading the c25k app was a big enough of a work out ;)

  11. Congrats on deciding to do a 5K. Once I did my first 5K in November I fell in love and have since then signed up for 3 more 5Ks and a 10K. I love those ASICS by the way :)

  12. Congrats on doing couch to 5k! that's so exciting!


  13. Congratulations Breenah! That is so cool! I want to start running again too but was too lazy the whole time. It is a shame. I need to search for my running shoes!

  14. Good luck, I am doing my first 7k in March and training stinks. lol! Hopefully I'll get motivation when my new running shoes arrive.


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