Friday, March 15, 2013


Watching: The Lorax. Again. Quinn is obsessed. Most of the time she'll run off and play with something until the songs come on, then drag Jarrod and I to dance with her. I really need to catch up on Castle, Kitchen Nightmares, and Parks and Recreation.

Reading: Nothing. In fact, my books were due back at the library today and I never even read two of them. I have been reading magazines though. It's all I have the attention span for recently. Oh, and blogs of course.

Loving: Moscato and the Corkcicle. Jarrod was awesome and surprised me with these two lovelies the other day.

currently 031513 01

We've also had these within the past month. The Lindeman's is how I made it through our snow storm with my sanity intact.

currently 031513 03currently 031513 02

And the Corkcicle in action.

currently 031513 04

It's pretty awesome. You freeze it and then (after pouring a "taste" which we all know means a first glass) pop it in. It keeps your wine cool while you party it up. Since we usually buy the ginormous bottles (I'm all for a better deal) and Jarrod barely drinks one glass, we need it to stay cool as long as possible. The biguns don't fit in our fridge and the Corkcicle helps keep the wine nice and cool without having to resort to adding ice. Not that I've done that. (Okay, I totally have.)
disclaimer: I was sent the Corkcicle by Wine Enthusiast, but all opinions are my own

Looking Forward To: Dinner and church with my family on Saturday night and Girls Night Out on Tuesday. Food, family, and (on Tuesday) drinks. Sounds good to me!

Wondering: When I can get on Twitter again without hearing about Google Reader dying or the Pope. I haven't used GR in FOREVER and I'm not Catholic, so my feelings verge on apathetic. HOWEVER, if you had followed me in GR you can follow me via Bloglovin' or e-mail. I'm gonna try and figure out how to do RSS because I just realized I don't have that set up. It'll be on the left hand side of mi bloggo when I get it figured out.

Cooking: Well, nothing technically. I'm not blogging and cooking. I did make tilapia, rice, and veggies tonight for dinner. Quinn and I had a banana with peanut butter and honey for dessert. NOM. If you'd like to see what else I'll be cooking soon check out my "To Be Made Soon" board on Pinterest. Creative title, right?

Making Me Happy: Quinn. She makes the funniest faces and the cutest noises. And she even makes me laugh when she decides to try and paint her own toenails.

currently 031513 05
view on Instagram

Disliking: Annoying things that have no one to blame other than myself. Leaving my coffee in Kohl's (so so sorry retail workers! been there, hated that), hitting my head on the car, dealing with a toddler tantrum, not being able to finish my run because I forgot running in the heat is different.

Well, that ended on an unpleasant note. Instead I'll leave you with this:

currently 031513 06
Quinn November, 2011


  1. Corkcicle = WINNING. I love that idea and I'm like you, I totally buy the monster size bottles of wine. Moscato is also my favorite :)

    Twitter did pretty much flip out that Google Reader left (I used it too) but I was like "Dudes, it's gone. Get over it & find something else, sheesh. It's not rocket science."

  2. I also need to catch up on my shows! Hope I can do it this weekend! Castle, Mentalist, Bones, Grey's, Parks and much to watch!

  3. What a good man, bringing you home some wine. :-)

  4. Um, that corkscicle is amazing!

    And I love me some Dean and Supernatural {swoooooon}!

  5. we're doing a project with the lorax this week at school - i want to watch the movie!

  6. I've heard of corksicles and it sounds amazing, where did you get yours from?


  7. I love when you post random blogs like this one, it makes me feel not quite so out of the loop on your life. I really miss seeing you every day and every week. We aren't even managing every month very well. Dang adult life....


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