Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Ran Today

I ran today. And when I say "ran" I mean I actually ran. Normally I say I'm going for my run and it means the jog/walk for my C25K. Today was the first day I've ran since we had the first bout of snow and I was afraid I was going to do horrid, so I started back on day one of C25K. I jogged each and every time I was supposed to run for the whole time and I was SO PUMPED. Then, during the last running part, I don't know what my body did, but I'm pretty sure I've never moved that fast in my entire life. I was legit running. I don't know that I've ever actually ran in my entire life. I mean, c'mon. This is the girl that "ran" an 18 minute mile in 5th grade. I was protesting having to run a mile.

So, yeah. This post is short and sweet and I'm happy. And how could I not be happy when my workout started with Destiny's Child's "Jumpin'"?

I do need to work on stretching though. Any suggestions?


  1. great job! I am so discouraged with running. I'm much to slow to even consider what I do to be running! I remember those super slow miles in 5th and 6th grade too! I think mine was 17 minutes. At least I know I can do 12 now if I try!
    Do you have the c25k app? there are stretches shown on the app. But you can probably find them online somewhere!

  2. Congrats! I love Couch to 5 K, it totally works! It's how I started running!


  3. Woohoo! That's so awesome! So proud!

    Isn't it the best feeling in the world when your body finally says, "Hey, I think I can run!"

  4. GET IT GIRL! So exciting! Congrats!!!

    Stretching is tricky. From what I've read, lots of people say it actually increases your chance at injury and that if you're going to stretch it should be after your run. For short distances, I'd recommend a speed-walk for a warm up -- so walk for 5 minutes pretty fast before you start running. If you get into longer distances you can treat the first quarter or whatever as a warm up -- so if you're doing distance based goals, don't pay attention to how fast you're going at the start, and then once you've run a little bit, then you can think about ok am I running or jogging and do I want to be faster and stuff. :)

  5. YEAH!!! way to go!! I rarely stretch and try to do better at that - i know it's so important!

  6. awesome!!! I need to get back to running!!! I have so many excuses...snow on the ground, treadmill is piled with random crap haha. Keep motivating me with posts like this!! ; )

  7. Nice job! I need to start working on C25K again. I miss it :)

  8. Go you!!! Isn't it weird how running all of a sudden becomes something you want to do when you have spent your whole life hating it...


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