Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BEDiM: Overcome

I didn't prepare for today's prompt because I just read them as I go, so I'll post a day-in-the-life tomorrow. Tomorrow's prompt, which I'm doing today, is to talk about your lot in life and what you're doing to overcome it.

I think it'd be easy for me to blame any failures on my lot in life. (Sidebar: I think "lot in life" is a weird phrase.) My parents got divorced when I was 7-ish 8 (clarified by my mom, I get confused because I think we moved back before they got divorced) and we moved back to Kansas. I had a lot of responsibilities being the oldest child and I grew up quicker than my siblings have had to. I wasn't able to go to an amazing university or the acting college I wanted to attend. I wound up quitting after my third year of college because I had to work full time and couldn't handle both. Then Jarrod and I had a surprise baby and we've had to change a few things because babies are expensive, including not going out as we'd like and Jarrod working a job that he more or less loathes. We have school loans and credit card debt and really need to replace at least one, if not both, of our cars.

I could complain about all of those things, and I do sometimes, but I can't change them by complaining. What I can change is my attitude on the situation. I think the serenity prayer sums it up nicely.

feel free to use, just don't claim it as your own

I know that I am terribly blessed and those are the things I need to focus on. My amazing husband (who just so happened to clean the kitchen last night, of his own volition) and my wonderfully adorable daughter. My family and friends. The roof over my head, the food in my kitchen, and the clothes in my closet. The fact that I'm alive!

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  1. Point of clarification, you were 8 when we divorced. Not that it matters. I'm proud of all the adversities you have overcome and you are a wonderful woman, wife, mother & daughter because of the strength you've gained through trials. It is not the difficulties that make us who we are, but the things God enables us to learn through them! RILY

  2. I love the serenity prayer. And I love the fact that even though you've had hard times, you're not all, "woe is me" about it. I think we all could take that advice to change our attitudes about the trials and adversity we face.

  3. A husband that cleans the kitchen oh my!!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  4. It is definitely about changing attitudes. For me a big part of that is being happy for other people when they seemingly "have it so easy." It's helped me a lot to take on their good qualities to try and improve myself.

  5. Great post! Love your attitude, so true.. we can't change them by complaining but we can change our attitude! Hope you have a great day!

  6. Lot is life is definitely an odd phrase. This is a great post, though. You can't really change what your "lot" is, so better to adjust and accept it. Sounds like you have a pretty great life, though. Minus the car thing maybe. Cars are expensive!

  7. So inspiring,doll!Keep rocking;-)

  8. Such a wonderful & honest post!
    It's refreshing to see that bloggers don't live in this bubble, which we sometimes portray, but we have problems as well, like normal people!
    Keep strong! :)


  9. this is such a wonderful post!! I love how honest you are !!


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