Saturday, December 28, 2013

July 2013

July began by me finding this super cute romper and making Quinn let me take her picture all over our apartment complex with my MIL's DSLR. Quinn was not as excited as I was.

july 01

We visited my mom at work again, complete with a pink fire helmet.

july 02

I was trying to get Quinn to say "Cowboys" but she just kept saying "Moo!" instead.

Quinn started "helping" me with the dishes. By "helping" I mean she pulls out a few things to play drums on and doesn't help beyond that.

july 03

We tried to do something my mom saw on Pinterest. The end photo turned out okay, but I think the original used Photoshop instead of actually taking the pictures.

july 04

I bought some veggies and left them on the counter and Jarrod took a cucumber and a tomato and started humming the Veggie Tales theme song.

We went over to my sister's for the Fourth during the day (Jarrod was at work) and Quinn LOVED playing on the trampoline.

july 05

My (step)dad takes the Fourth very seriously.

july 06

That evening we went over to my parents house and did a few fireworks. Instead of Jarrod smashing his toes, Quinn got injured on a skateboard this year. I think that makes next year my turn to get hurt.

july 07

We had been living in our apartment for nine months at this point and I finally unpacked the last box.

Quinn stole Jarrod's Rancor and named him Roar. Then she decided he needed a nap.

july 08

She also helped Jarrod exercise. She's very helpful.

july 09

I made Jarrod his Darth Vader shoes.

july 10

And some Slenderman ones for his sister's birthday. I've been debating setting up something to sell these, but I just don't know yet.

july 11

We went on another walk and Quinn did not want to go back home.

july 12

And we fish-sat for Genevieve when she got married! The fish's name is Ginger, but Quinn called him Tiny. She still really wants her own fish, but Jarrod and I haven't figured all that out yet.

july 13


  1. you should definitely sell those shoes!!

  2. The shoes are great! I have a friend who does something similar. It's quite a talent!


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