Tuesday, December 31, 2013

September 2013

As a sidenote, I really wish I hadn't done a separate post for each month. I apologize to you and to myself because DANG this is taking forever and DANG that's a lot of pictures. Only four more months to go!

We were in Maine for the first 9 days of September and it was AWESOME. Here's Jarrod's dad and grandma. I love generational pictures like these.

This is Jarrod's dad's driveway. The whole state is just gorgeous and if it weren't for the ice and feet of snow in the winter, we'd probably live up there. Last week his dad couldn't even drive up the driveway because of the snow and ice, though.

We went to Bar Harbor and looked at all the cute little shops. Unfortunately there was a cruise ship or two docked so it was kind of crowded, but still fun. And look! A picture of me and Quinn!

A trip to Maine just isn't right without lobster. Quinn didn't want to get anywhere near it, but loved looking at him. She wouldn't eat any when I tried to get her to, but the next night we went over to Jarrod's sister's and her youngest daughter (Eileen, four years old) got Quinn to eat some. Apparently I just need another kid around to get Quinn to eat stuff.

At Quinn's two year appointment we learned that she was hitting all milestones and her height and weight are all good. The doc even said she was speaking and understand closer to 2 and a half, which isn't surprising. Baby girl likes to talk, just like her mommy. And her mommy's mommy :)

Quinn was running around the apartment with her monkey, a plastic sword, and a piece of bread. I'm still convinced someone showed her Aladdin without telling me.

My older sister babysits every once in a while, so I returned the favor one day. I was watching Quinn, my niece (3), my nephew (2.5 months younger than Quinn), and their cousin (4). It was interesting. The only kid I had to discipline was my own, so it worked out. They spent most of the time chasing each other and me around the couch.

My mom posted this on Facebook:
Mommy memories: A conversation with my daughter about 18 years ago.
Breenah: Mommy, I love you more than anything.
Me: That's so sweet, I love you too, even more than you love me.
B: I will never love anything or anybody like I love you.
Me: Someday, you'll get married and have babies of your own. Then you'll know that as much as little girls love their mommy, mommies love their babies even more.
Fast forward to today: I just wanted to say "I TOLD YOU SO!"
Not much else happened in September, we were still recovering from our vacation. Quinn did let me "do" her hair once in a while, though.

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  1. I'm sorry it's so much work but I must say I do appreciate the monthly review posts!


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