Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Quinn is a Fashionista, Methinks

A little while ago I was going through Quinn's clothes and realized that she has SO MANY. Part of it is that she's two and makes a lot of messes, another part is that we have to go to Jarrod's mom's to do laundry (for free, there is a laundromat right around the corner from our apartment but free is better), and another is that I have a really hard time turning down a great deal on cute clothes (especially hand-me-downs from my niece, C). All of that put together equals a lot of Quinn clothes.

I tweeted that I thought Quinn had enough clothes to wear a different outfit each day for at least a month and a half. I then attempted to test out that theory, but she got really tired of getting her picture taken. That would be why she's pulling some interesting faces in these pictures. We did get two weeks worth though!

These pictures were taken on my phone in our not-so-well lit apartment and I'm not a photographer by any means, so please don't judge too harshly.

shirt: H&M skirt: c/o Fab Kids leggings: H&M shoes: Soda via consignments sale
shirt: Disney Store via Nana & Papa pants: Old Navy via Cousin C shoes: Wal-Mart via Grammy
shirt: Old Navy pants: Circo boots: Maine Cousins
dress: Children's Place via Cousin C
dress: I honestly have no idea where this dress came from.
shirt: Target skirt: Children's Place via Cousin C shoes: Target via Cousin C
shirt: Instagram sale skirt: Children's Place via Cousin C tights: Target

jacket: Target via Cousin C shirt: (great) Aunt Karen jeans: Target via a friend
shirt: Baby Gap pants: Sears shoes: Wal-Mart
hat: Dollar Tree shirt: Aunt Kaitlyn via Cousin C pants: Circo shoes: Converse via consignment sale
random girl at the mall
tank top: Old Navy via garage sale leggings: Kohl's socks: Kohl's
top: Wal-Mart via Cousin C shorts: Circo (still baby sized!) shoes: Wal-Mart
top: Circo shorts: Osh Kosh via Cousin C
top: Maine Goodwill skirt: Old Navy via consignment sale sandals: Circo
As you can see, SO many clothes. No 2.5 year old should have THIS many dresses!

So tell me why, after all that, do I STILL get tempted every time I get an e-mail from Just Fab or Old Navy?

Check out these shoes from Fab Kids, so tempting!!! Luckily I've resisted so far, but garage sales are going to be the death of my budget.


  1. You are not alone in your dilemma. I think mamas across the country share your problem, but it's a good problem to have! Besides, she's flat out adorable.

  2. So stylish!! ;) I don't have kids of my own but now that I have a niece I want (and sometimes do!) buy her EVERYTHING!!!

  3. Aww, that kitty shirt. :) So adorable!

  4. Cute! I love the little skirts she has. I swear, kid clothes are so much cuter than adult clothes.

  5. She really is such a cutie!!! :-)

  6. She is the cutest, I love all her outfits. She is a little doll! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  7. oh my gosh. those cute smiles. and the one where she is covering her face. SO ADORABLE. must. pin. all the cuteness.

    *10 min later*

    Super cute! I personally think that because of how naturally messy many kids are, they can never have enough clothes! My sister has a two year old and she goes through at least 3 outfits a day trying to climb trees like her big brother. :P


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