Saturday, June 28, 2014

Spin Me Right Round

There are no affiliate links in this post, but we were sent the dress for a review.

I don't have much to say, but I feel bad that I haven't gotten a post up for Fab Kids yet this month. Especially because Quinn loves her dress so much. So much so that I've had issues trying to get pictures of her in it because she won't stop spinning while wearing it.

Fab Kids has so many styles starting at just $10! Technically $9.95, but we all know that means $10. Personally I'm obsessed with this Toucan Dress and I really wish Quinn would have chosen it for her July outfit, but she didn't. Sigh. I might need to find some similar fabric and just make myself one. Quinn's "pretty princess" dress and the blue ombre dress in this post (aka ice princess aka Elsa) are each only $10 right now too. So your little girl and Quinn can be twinsies, like all the cool kids. Okay, I have to stop looking at those dresses now because I'm getting sad they don't come in my size. There are some striped dresses that are SO CUTE.

You can also meet Crocky, aka baby Tick Tock Crock from Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy. Quinn's new favorite movie. Now she insists on sleeping with Momo (the monkey she's had since birth) and Crocky. He's a little cumbersome, but we make it work.


  1. What a cute dress (and girl--but that's a given)!!

  2. what a cute kid dress! I remember wearing spinn-y dresses as a kid. they were always my favorite! I had one with strawberries on it! Will have to do the same for my kids :)

  3. I love Quinn, mostly because we share the same love of spinning around in dresses and wearing polka dots.

  4. Aww Quinn's dress is absolutely adorable! And her stuffed alligator is pretty cute too.

  5. Oh goodness, that dress is just the cutest!!!

  6. Aww, she looks pretty happy about her new summer dress!


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